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Heavy Duty Selective Pallet Storage Racking System With Wire Mesh Decking
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Commonly used in the warehouse the selective pallet rack is the most universal and popular storage system for 

direct and single access to each pallet to make high efficient usage of warehouse space. Cargo are placed on 

the pallets that can be moved easily. The pallet storage rack system is available in different size, light duty, 

medium duty and heavy duty. 

It normally consist of upright frame, beams and related accessories. The upright frame is assembled by rolled post, 

cross and diagonal bracing and located on to ground by steel anchor. Beams are cut-in between both upright frames 

and locked with safe pins which protects beams from dropping when loading and unloading pallets with forklifts. 


1, The cargo and parts should be put on pallets and be transported by pallet moving.

2, Pallet Racking can be designed to meet virtually any pallet size or weight and can be used in conjunction with all 

types of mechanical handing equipment.

3, A wide range of accessories are available to accommodate non-standard pallet loads, such as mesh wire fencing 

can be incorporated to effect simple security or bonded enclosures. 

4, The height of each layer can be removed up and down by 75mm freely.

5, The loading capacity of each layer can be up to 4000kg.

Eco Racking is one of the professional heavy duty selective pallet storage racking system with wire mesh decking manufacturers and suppliers in China. With over 20 years' experience, our factory is sure to offer you customized products with stable structure and good performance.

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